You can see thousands of gemstones including fine quality gems for jewelry purposes, rare gemstones and extra-large size collector gems, all direct from the mines around the world at true mine-direct prices. When you visit, you're guaranteed to find
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24.70 carat Natural Ametrine Gemstone Gemstones link

Click on the image at left to enter directly into the Virtual Gallery of Gemstones for all minerals, complete with images, descriptions and secure SSL on-line ordering. These pages will take a little longer to finish loading as they contain all of their on-line selection of gems for all minerals!

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To see gemstones of a particular mineral variety, just select one of the links below, or you can visit the Mineral Inventory & Factsheet Index at This index is an alphabetical list containing every mineral variety in their on-line inventory, with links to images of their available mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, mineral spheres and crystal balls, lapidary & facet rough, jewelry and other handcrafted natural gift items for each mineral listed in this index - all with secure SSL on-line ordering. There also are links to information pages on the different minerals giving their physical properties and discussing their occurance, diagnostic features, uses, history and metaphysical properties.

Gemstones are available for each of the following natural materials:

Many other gem & mineral items are also on display such as mineral specimens and crystals, mineral spheres & eggs, facet rough, 14k gold gemstone cocktail rings and earrings, lapidary rough, polished crystals, jewelry, handcrafted gifts and also spectacular decorator and collector items, as well as metaphysical and new age information.

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